Remote Aura Cleansing Psychic Cleanse Negative Cleanse
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Remote Aura Cleansing Psychic Cleanse Negative Cleanse

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A Psychic Remote Aura Cleansing .

I will tune into you and your life and see areas where there are blockages .  We all think negatively at times and people around us could be saying and thinking negative thoughts . All these combined and negative vibes coming out of the TV and laptops can dull our Aura's and even make them grey or black . I  will  use my own healing gifts and with the help of the Angels and my Guides clear all that is blocking you or holding you back . I will be able to see areas that need particular healing and we will send you remote healing . We will then clean your Aura from soot and negative energy and I will type out everything that I pick up and send to you in a message.  Cleansing should be with you in 2-5 days 


Love and light 

Teresa Swann 

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