Y-Shape 3D Facial Body Massage Roller Slimming Tightening Blood

Y-Shape 3D Facial Body Massage Roller Slimming Tightening Blood

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1. Face, Cheek, Arm, Leg, Hip, Wrist all body massager roller face V-shaper slimmer and pain relief

2. 70 degree angle massage, 360 degree all round applicable design, the best match with professional hand massaging style

3. the thousand faces roller ball head design, make the most contact surface area onto your skin, for the best effect of massage

4. The solar energy absording can turn into micro-electric apply to your skin, it helps active the cell to regenrate new cell (Japan design)

5. Ergonomic handheld, smooth and easy handle

6. Made of the ECO material Platinum, stainless and very long lasting for use

7. With Photon energy receiving structure inside, more energy apply when massaging

8. all rounded tip design, protect your skin from being hurt

9. high class, elegant design, its a good gift to girl


10. Water proof, can use when bathing


Package Includes: 1 X 3D Massager Roller 


1. Applying with a little massage oil or facial cream is much more better effect

2. Face and Cheek Massager Slimmer, keep rolling from bottom to up help V-shape the face slim

3. Neck Massager especially at the back of the neck, enlarge blood circulation for more fresh brain

4. upper arm fat part massage, can trim the arm

5. breast massage also very effective from stimulating the tissue help lift up the breast and prevent breast disease

6. Wrist massage help slim the wrist look S-shape

7. Upper leg fat massage trim the fat away


8. Stomach massger increase the rate of fat burn, helping slimming
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